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THERMICON – Tailor-made "green solutions" at your hand

As experts in energy and environmental technologies in the non-residential and industrial sector, we are constantly striving to develop new ways of using less energy, solving environmental challenges and reducing costs.

Thanks to our patented highly efficient technology solutions in the areas of heat, cold, air, electricity and water, we ensure that energy losses can be used profitably while at the same time protecting the environment in the long term.

Our products not only help to save energy costs, but are also able through tailor-made connections to produce, suitably and efficiently "green" energy.

Our efficiency concepts and project implementations support you not only in the achievement of your internal energy policy but also in meeting external requirements and current market requirements (for example, ISO 50001). So you can be sure that you have chosen the best possible solutions for you. This is where you can measure us: at any time!

Founded as "Greentec" StartUp in 2013, based in Cologne, we have established ourselves as one of the recognised companies for "green solutions" and as ambassadors for sustainability in the German market. By being part of national and international renowned innovation networks (for example, INKAS), we are now able to control and realize projects of all sizes with a team individually tailored to customer requirements.

And where do you stand with your energy efficiency measures?


The energy problems of our time can only be solved together. We would be pleased to exchange ideas with you about your challenges in a personal meeting. No matter whether they are large or small. Just call us at  +49 221/27 64 64 64 or send an e-mail to


We see ourselves as an innovative Technology, Development and Services Company. Resource efficient, environmental protection, sustainability and the best possible efficiency are the decisive cornerstones for technological progress and for YOUR success. The energy problems of our time, no matter whether they are big or small, can only be solved together. We would be pleased to exchange ideas with you about your challenges in a personal meeting.


In Bonn, the 23rd UN World Climate Change Conference will take place from November 6th to November 17th. At the official and international UN exhibition at the ‘Rheinaue’ park, THERMICON GmbH will take part in order to present its universal applicable technologies and innovative ideas to achieving the goals set out in the Paris Agreement to limit global warming. 

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Alpenrosenweg 12-14  

50769 Köln - DE
T:   +49 221 / 27 64 64 64
F :  +49 221 / 27 64 64 65


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